Book Now - The Ultimate Cave and Canopy Combo

Experience the ultimate adrenaline adventure with Canopy Tours and the legendary Black Abyss Tour. Test your limits on these truly unforgettable tours. Get 10% off these eco-friendly tours when you book through us and do your part to help preserve our special environment.

The drive between Waitomo and Rotorua takes approximately 2 hours through beautiful Waikato countryside. This self-drive combo can be done in either order and spread across different days, giving you plenty of time to explore both regions at your own pace. Both tours combined take 8.5 hours. The start time you choose will be your Black Water Rafting tour so please take into consideration where you will be starting your adventure from.

Average Duration: Allow 8.5 hours for the two experiences.


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Sat, 29 Feb 2020

Morning Start
9:00am Session 10:00am Session
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Sun, 01 Mar 2020

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